Oxygen To Food: Groups on social media offering help

Oxygen To Food: Groups on social media offering help

NASHIK: With the dire situation, India currently is in, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the district have come together on social media platforms to help people in need in any manner they can. Whether it’s offering information on the availability of beds, helping out people for making deliveries and food runs for people in-home quarantine and some are even offering free food to families who are affected by the novel Coronavirus.

Many Twitter handles in Nashik have come together. WeAreNashik, Prasad Garbhe, Nashik Feed, and other colleagues are participating in this. It also includes several Twitter handles in Maharashtra, including World Maratha Organisation. It is a private group that comprises over 1.6 million users. The group currently is helping individuals seek medical assistance like getting blood, plasma, info on hospital beds, etc.

The group’s networks are primarily scattered across Maharashtra. The state is currently hovering in the second wave of Corona. The tragic incident that took place in Nashik a few days ago shook Maharashtra along with Nashik. In the last few days, messages have been circulating on Whatsapp regarding various required numbers about plasma, blood donation, bed arrangements, meal arrangements, etc.

Youngsters from different parts of Maharashtra have come together and used social media effectively to help. With the availability of medicines and beds, the rush of needy relatives has been reduced to some extent. The movement is mainly based on Twitter, which has since taken the form of WhatsApp. For this, WhatsApp groups have been set up in the district. But they seem to be helping each other.

At the same time, many organizations, including artists, have joined the movement. Therefore, it is becoming clear that Maharashtra is united in the real fight against Corona. The groups are private, but anyone can join and ask for help. Through all this, many needy people have been helped, and this is becoming a big movement.

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