Oxygen Expresses deliver more than 7115 MT of Medical Oxygen

Oxygen Expresses deliver more than 7115 MT of Medical Oxygen

New Delhi: The Indian Railway on Thursday said that till date Oxygen Expresses delivered more than 7115 MT of Medical Oxygen in more than 444 tankers to various states across the country.

Informing that on Wednesday, the Oxygen Expresses delivered nearly 800 MT of life-saving gas across the country, the Railway also said that 115 Oxygen Expresses have completed their journey so far and brought relief to various states.

So far, it has delivered 407 MT of Liquid Medical Oxygen has been offloaded in Maharashtra, nearly 1960 MT in Uttar Pradesh, 361 MT in Madhya Pradesh, 1135 MT in Haryana, 188 MT in Telangana, 72 MT in Rajasthan, 120 MT in Karnataka and more than 2748 MT in Delhi.

During this process, Tamil Nadu is set to receive its First Oxygen Express later tonight with 80 MT of LMO arriving from Durgapur.

Running of new Oxygen is a very dynamic exercise and figures keep getting updated all the time. More loaded Oxygen Expresses are expected to start their journeys later in the night, the IR said.

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