Owl saved by alert citizens

Adv. Dhagale and family taking care of the owl
Owl saved by alert citizens

NASHIK: Some aware citizens saved the life of an owl they found on Sunday at Makhmalabad Road. The condition of this owl is stable, and after two to three days, it will be released into its natural habitat.

At Kansara Mata Chowk in the area of Makhmalabad Rao Hotel Link Road, some family members had gone for a walk on Sunday night at around 10.30 pm when an owl fell in front of them. At the time, Adv. Jyotsna Dhagale was also present at the spot. With the help of the family, they alerted vehicles and picked up the bird on the side of the road.

Soon there was a big crowd of citizens. At this time, Dhagale contacted the wildlife lovers. A farmer named Vishal Aher helped Dhagale as the bird was beak banging. He grabbed the owl as the bird hit her hand with the beak.

At the same time, Dhagle’s husband Adv. Arjun Wankhede brought a box from his house. Aher then put the owl in the box, tied the box with rope, and put it in the car. They rushed to the hospital and treated it. Meanwhile, the veterinary medical officials said that the owl’s wings had been injured. It will take two or three days and will need proper care and a good diet.

If the wound heals, the owl will be ready to go on its own. It will then be released into the original habitat. Dhagale and her family are currently taking care of the owl.

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