Outstanding Citizen of Nashik award to Sharanya Shetty

Nashik Citizen Forum initiative
Outstanding Citizen of Nashik award to Sharanya Shetty

NASHIK: Sharanya Shetty, who works for orphans and sick animals and birds through 'Sharan for Animals', will be honoured with 'Outstanding Citizen of Nashik' award in January.

The Outstanding Citizen of Nashik award is being launched by the ‘Nashik Citizens' Forum’ (NCF) to recognise the work of well-known and unknown individuals who are constantly working in various fields for the upliftment of Nashik, and to bring about positive change in our surroundings and society. The award will be given to one individual every month.

Sharanya has been working for orphans for the last fifteen years. 'Sharan for Animals', an NGO she founded in 2005, has supported thousands of animals to this day. Initially, the organisation, which used to help only stray dogs, grew in size and became a shelter for a wide species of animals. ‘Sharan’ mainly works on three levels: rescue from crisis, medical treatment and shelter.

The organisation has so far rescued more than 1500 animals and birds from the crisis and is currently providing shelter to about 200 different animals species. Sharan is the only organisation in Nashik that provides ambulance services for animals.

Under the guidance of Sharanya Shetty, a shelter has been set up in the space allotted by the Municipal Corporation in front of the dumping depot at Vilholi, where injured and sick animals are taken care of. In this place, medical testing and treatment of animals is done. About 50 animals are treated and operated at this place every day. Rehabilitation of cured animals is also done by the organisation.

Shetty is trying to set up X-rays, sonography and other facilities for the treatment of animals at Sharan and to make the shelter more eco-friendly. In January, Sharan also provided a helpline to help animals injured by nylon manja during the Makar Sankranti.

"Nashik Citizens' Forum strives for the well-planned progress of Nashik through various means. Along with the development of industrial, economic and infrastructural facilities, the Forum works for the purpose of raising the standard of living of the citizens of Nashik as a whole. The purpose of the forum is to reach consensus on civic issues such as cleanliness, safety, discipline, education, skill development, environment, beautification and so on. However, in these subjects, the value of individual level contribution is as much as the organisational work. We are launching 'Outstanding Citizen of Nashik' award with the aim of honouring such people, raising their hopes and inspiring others from them.” - Hemant Rathi, President, Nashik Citizens' Forum

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