Osmanabad won the title, Nashik stood second

Maharashtra Boys and Girls Group Championship Kho-Kho competition
Osmanabad won the title, Nashik stood second

NASHIK: Osmanabad clinched the 47th Maharashtra Bous and Girls Group Kho-Kho Championship at Shevgaon, Nagar. For the first time in the history of Kho-Kho, the Nashik girls team, which reached the final, had to settle for the runner-up spot. The fight of Nashik’s girls failed at the last moment. The final match was played between Nashik and Osmanabad.

At the interval, the points were 7 was equal to 7. Nashik took seven points for Osmanabad in their first attack. Vrushali Bhoye of Nashik took 4 points in a sharp attack. Kausalya Pawar took 1, Rituja Sahare and Manisha Pader took 1 point each. While defending, Sarita Diwan of Chhota Chani played 2.50 seconds, Kausalya Pawar and Rituja Sahare 1.45 minutes each and Nisha Vaijal scored 1.20 minutes unbeaten.

After attacking for four minutes in the last innings of the match, Nashik captain Kausalya Pawar was hit on the pole and was sent out due to injury. As a result, the girls of Nashik were distracted and thye could only took four points from Osmanabad. So, Osmanabad wanted to take only five points. There he was dismissed the target in just 6 minutes.

They won the match by 12 points to 11 with 1 point and 3 minutes left. Meanwhile, Nashik’s Vrushali Bhoye was the best attacker in the tournament. She was honored with a trophy and prize of Rs 5,000.

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