Oral examination: The better option for online exams

Oral examination: The better option for online exams
Online exam

NASHIK: In the recent exams conduct by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), a total of 350 students were caught as they opted for malpractices in the online examination. Instead of the university posting several guidelines and warnings, students still opted to cheat in the examination. While the pandemic has affected the business sector, even the education sector has received a severe backlash. To understand how universities can function better and limit cheating cases, Deshdoot Times talked to some college students.

Oral exams

“I think oral examination is the need of the hour. Instead of giving a hundred mark question paper, a teacher can select ten questions per student and ask to take an oral examination online. If teachers opt for the oral examination, the student will have to answer it immediately and won’t get time to search for the answer online. As the teacher will be asking the questions, the students won’t get the whole question paper at once, and thus, they won’t be able to search the rest answers. As the mic will be on, they can’t ask their friends to help them out. Per question, the student should only get 10 seconds so that the friend/family member helping them out doesn’t get enough time to write it down and show it to the student. I understand that the teacher-student ratio is highly disproportional, the teachers should only a lot 5 to 6 minutes per student.” - Harshita Mahajan

Stricter Vigilance “The university should increase the number of members keeping an eye on the students, and a stricter vigilance will help them keep better control on the students. The member should get some sort of authority like asking any student to switch the camera’s side and show the room to the university. If they take some time in doing the needful, the member should terminate their exam.” - Harsh Wani

Better system

“The university should come up with a better system like termination of the exam on the opening of the second window in Google. Different question sets and better vigilance. The university should ask teachers to compare the student’s marks of previous offline exams and current online exams. Teachers should look at the intelligence quotient of the student. If the offline and online exams have a huge difference in terms of marks and even the teacher doubts his/her performance, the student should be asked to appear for a re-exam.” - Sachin Tamarakar

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