Opportunity for girls to get admissions in military schools

33 schools to give benefit of military AFMC
Opportunity for girls to get admissions in military schools

Nashik : Girls will get admission in all 33 military schools from the next academic session. In the last few years, strategic preparations have been made to increase the percentage of women officers in the armed forces.

Admission of girls to government military schools, which provide the best high-ranking officers, including heads of the armed forces, began last year. But it included only seven schools in the first phase. From the next academic session, girls will be admitted in all the 33 military schools in the country. This will be of great benefit to the girls for their selection in an academy like ‘Armed Forces Medical College’ i.e. AFMC.

Military schools for children were established in 1961 with the idea that the National Defense Academy or Naval Academy (NA) should have more and more good trainees and make these trainees best army officers. These schools were set up in the state as well as in the Union Territory, one each. Currently, 33 such schools are functioning. There are two such schools in Maharashtra, Satara and Chandrapur, which were started two years ago.

All schools across the country, including the Satara Military School, are supplying trainees to the NDA or NA. Now girls are also being admitted in these military schools. As per the decision of the Ministry of Defense, it has been decided to enrol girls in military schools for Class VIth from the academic year 2020-21.

But it included only seven schools, one of which was Chandrapur Sainik School. Now, from the academic year 2021-22, an important decision has been taken to admit girls in all 33 government military schools. The girls will be selected for this through the entrance examination in class VI.

Admission for AFMC

A good number of military school students are selected for NDA or Naval Academy every year. There is also an AFMC examination to prepare military doctors. This test is currently available to both boys and girls. So now that the girls’ military school is open, the girls studying there can prepare themselves for AFMC.

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