Only 31% water stock left in district dams

Many tehsils face water scarcity
Only 31% water stock left in district dams

NASHIK: Owing to the rising temperature in the region, and the demand for water, the district has recorded a remarkable decrease in water stock. The district is expected to receive satisfactory rainfall this time. Currently, 24 small and medium dams in the district have only 31 per cent of water stock.

Remarkably, the water level in the dams in the district has decreased to 31 per cent. On the one hand, the heatwave in the district is increasing day by day and the water storage in the dam is also declining. Last year the water stock in the dams in the district on the same day was about 37 per cent which has been declined by six per cent this year.

The district has received satisfactory rainfall for the last two years. Last year, the Girna dam, the largest dam in North Maharashtra, including the Gangapur and Darna dams, was 100 per cent full for the second year in a row. Other small and large dams also overflowed due to satisfactory rainfall in their catchment areas.

The water was discharged last year due to a heavy downpour. But, now the summer is at its peak and water shortage is observed. Many tehsils in the district are facing water scarcity. In many places, water is being supplied by tanker. Rivers, streams and wells have dried up in many parts.

The groundwater level has also gone down resulting in more severe water scarcity. Therefore, the demand for water is increasing. In the meantime, water was released from several dams for farmers. Now water is being released for drinking water in a fixed rotation. It is estimated that the number of water tankers will have to be increased due to less water stock in the dam.

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