Only 25 per cent firecrackers sale

Rains affect sale of firecrackers
Only 25 per cent firecrackers sale

NASHIK: The increase in prices and the arrival of rains have had a huge impact on the sale of firecrackers this year. As Diwali is the biggest festival, firecracker, vendors have the only opportunity for big market sales and they target it. They spend thousands of rupees on it. At least four to five lakhs of firecrackers are brought for sale by a single vendor. For eight days with their stall, they eye on at least earnings of around fifty thousand to one lakh.

However, this year the production of firecrackers decreased. The companies too inflated the prices. As a result, the price of firecrackers skyrocketed this year. Therefore, till the day before Lakshmi Pujan, the sale of firecrackers was as usual.

But, on the day of Diwali Padva, it rained heavily from evening 6:30 to midnight. Rain also arrived on the day of Bhaubeej. The firecrackers were totally stopped as no one stepped out, as well as the rains damaged the stocks. As a result, the vendors had to be satisfied with only 25 per cent of the initial.

License for sale throughout the year

Only one firecracker vendor in the city is allowed to sell all year round. If at least 25 vendors in the city get these licenses, they will be able to sell firecrackers during weddings or elections. As the stock, this year is lying the question is to where to keep it. Therefore, the vendors are trying to get a license for sale throughout the year.

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