Online education in rural areas will be easier
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Online education in rural areas will be easier

MVP’s initiative: Free internet for students and teachers

NASHIK: The outbreak of Covid-19 has given biggest blow to education in all sections. There is no alternative but to study and teach online. Parents and students are facing costly financial crisis of online education as per government policies. Against this backdrop, the Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj (MVP) has decided to provide free internet facility to students and teachers to facilitate online education in rural areas.

The MVP has entered into an agreement with Reliance Jio to provide 28 GB of free data per month through Target Peak app. This will save students and teachers a minimum of Rs. 1500 per year. On Tuesday, the organization has informed it through a circular and given detailed information to the students.

A separate camp for voluntary free Jio SIM card will be organized in the concerned colleges by collecting information through Google Forms. In places where internet facilities are not in good condition, Jio Company in collaboration with MVP will try to provide new towers and necessary space. Also, if other company’s SIM card number is ported to Jio, 3 GB of data and unlimited calling will be free every day for two months. The decision to provide free internet facility is being appreciated from all levels.

“The MVP Samaj Sanstha is working according to the breath sentence ‘Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya’. All students from the Bahujan Samaj are being accommodated in the educational process in the harsh conditions of Covid-19. The student is determined not to be deprived of education."-Neelima Pawar, General Secretary MVP, Nashik

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