Online darshan of Saptashringi Devi

The temple is still closed for devotees
Online darshan of Saptashringi Devi

NASHIK: The Saptashringi Devi temple at Vani has been closed for darshan by the orders of the government to prevent crowds and infection in the temple premises and at on the background of the pandemic. Therefore, even though devotees are not allowed to enter the temple, the desire of devotees is being fulfilled through online darshan. The number of devotees of Saptashringi Devi, which is half of the three and a half Shakti Peeths, are in crores all over the country.

Most of the devotees from Gujarat and Maharashtra consider this goddess as a family deity. Lakhs attend Chaitra Yatra and Navratri festival at the fort. Thousands of devotees visit Saptashringi during this period. Also, Jagdamba Devi of Vani is considered to be the eldest sister of Goddess Saptashringi. The photo of the goddess is posted on social media regularly for online darshan. after daily puja.

Shree Saptashringi Niwasini Devi Trust online website provides unique and enhanced experience to devotees. This platform offers Live Darshan, Donation, Pooja & Accomodation related services. Precautionary measures and Covid-19 norms have been made operational since November 16, 2020 on behalf of the trust with due diligence. Earlier last year, in order to avoid any hindrance in the online darshan pass process, the trustees at the primary level had made available offline darshan pass facility at Mauje Nanduri.

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