Imported onions flood market

Imported onions flood market

NASHIK: After 60 per cent of Maharashtra’s onions were ruined in the unseasonal rain last months, the vegetable, vital to Indian cuisine, is being imported from Iran. The onion shortage had caused the price of onions to rise sharply.

APMC-based Onion-Potato Vyapari Sangh stated, “Last month, due to the heavy rain, the onion crop got spoiled creating a shortage. That’s why traders started importing onions from Iran. This is the first time that 100 containers of onions were brought into the market. The price of these onions is around Rs.30 per kg.”

There is no comparison between the Indian onions and Iranian onions as the quality of Indian onions is far superior. There are more onion imports expected in the coming days.

Currently, the rate of old onions is Rs. 30 - Rs. 35 a kilo. If the government does not take proper action, the rate will increase further. It is expected that in December the rate of onions will further increase.

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