Onion prices crashes in Nashik
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Onion prices crashes in Nashik

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The onion wholesale prices at the country’s largest market at Lasalgaon Agriculture produce Market Committee (APMC) crashed down by Rs 600 per quintal in past two days due to rise in supply in Lasalgaon APMC and other APMC market of the district on Wednesday.

Sources said last four months the price of onion continue hiked in Nashik district APMC markets and other parts of the country. The prices rise continued due to less arrival in the market. In Lasalgaon APMC have come down by Rs 600 on Tuesday s compared the price on Monday.

The highest price recorded in the auction at Lasalgaon APMC was Rs 2071 whereas the lowest price was Rs 900 per quintal on Tuesday. The Lasalgaon APMC witnessed the intake of 19,670 quintal onion on Monday causing the action maximum Rs, 2637 and minimum price Rs 1100 with an average price of Rs 2250. In the Lasalgaon market, the onion prices crashed down by Rs 300 per quintal today.

In lasalgaon market the onion minimum price Rs 600. Maximum price Rs 1962 and an average price of Rs 1600 per quintal today.

Last week, on an average, 1.5 lakh quintals of onion was coming from all the market committees in the district.
On the first day of the week, the arrival of onion in the district on Monday, ie February 4 increased to 1 lakh 77 thousand quintals. Then on Tuesday, Wednesday the same situation remained. Also, in other parts of the state, onion prices have fallen due to increased supply of onions and adequate supply of onions throughout the country.

The red onion planted by the farmers after the opening of the rains has come in large quantities and is coming up for sale in the market. Due to this, onion arrivals are increasing day by day in all the market committees of the district. In other districts of the state, onions are also increasing. Traders say onion prices are coming down due to demand of the country. The export ban should be lifted.

As the supply of onions is diminishing from domestic demand, the central government increased the minimum export price in early September of 2019. He too decided to ban exports as prices could not be controlled.

However, prices of onion have not been affected. Since the middle of December, the prices of onion and red onion have been decreasing as the onion prices continue to rise. The demand of onion exports is to be lifted so that the onion prices will not fall sharply.

The onion growers farmers worry abut the onion prices crashed. The arrival of onion in the markets is causing lower prices of onion. this is causing a heavy problem to the farmers as they are not getting the sufficient prices of the onion, so the farmers are demanding that the central government immediately lift the ban on onion export.