Onion growers in tears as prices fall
Deshdoot Times

Onion growers in tears as prices fall

Nikheel Pardeshi

NASHIK: Nashikites are no longer tearing up while buying onions. The prices of onion that had shot up to an average Rs 2500/quintal in the last week have plummeted to about Rs 1600/quintal on Wednesday in the agriculture produce market committees.

The prices of onion were skyrocketed up to Rs 20000/quintal two months back. The average per quintal price of onion that was around Rs 2500 in the last week, falled to an average price of Rs 1700 on Tuesday and Rs 1600 on Wednesday.

The fall in prices on one side have brought tears of joy for buyers while on the other side disappointed onion growers and traders as they are fearing financial losses. In the last week, there was a daily arrival of an average 1.5 lakh tonnes of onion in all the market committees.

On the first day of a week on Monday (Feb 3) about 1.77 lakh tonnes of onion was arrived in different market committees of the district. The flow of supply remained almost same on Tuesday and Wednesday, thus increased supply led to fall in prices.

The traders say that supply of onion in other districts of the state is also increasing as against the falling demand. Due to this, onion prices are on the down side and this trend is likely to continue for the next couple of days..
Citing drop in prices, onion growers and traders are demanding lifting of ban on onion export in order to resist possible steep fall in prices.

President of State Onion Growers’ Association, Bharat Dighole has demanded immediate lifting of ban on onion export to avoid huge economic losses to farmers as the onion farmer has already sufferred huge losses due to prolonged heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, MP Dr Bharati Pawar met Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal and demanded lifting of ban on onion export in order to control price fluctuations and ensure price stability. The minister on the occasion assured MP Pawar on appropriate steps to be taken at the earliest.