Onion cultivation through drip irrigation

Onion cultivation through drip irrigation


The farmers in the district are doing various experiments in their farm fields. They are using modern and innovative methods to get more produce.

A young farmer from Lakhalgaon village in Nashik tehsil is no exception to this. He he has installed the drip irrigation system for his onion farm.

The young farmer Santosh Jadhav has spent Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 to install the drip irrigation system for watering the onion crop at his 1-acre farm. He stated that the purpose behind this is to save water and time. The area witnessing presence of leopards and farmers have to water their crop during night due to irregular electricity supply in daytime, putting their lives into danger.

Jadhav also informed that he decided to install the drip irrigation system at the farm after his brother was attacked by a leopard. With the installation of the system, there is no need to provide water to the crop during the night.

With this, the farmer has shown how to live with leopards without causing any harm to them. This summer onion will be harvested in 110 to 120 days. The onion should fetch a price of at least Rs. 2000 in the market, as the cost incurred from onion planting to harvesting is not affordable for the farmers, he expects. As the price of onion is falling continuously, some farmers have stored onion at home and there is great dissatisfaction among the farmers as they are not getting the right price for onion in the market.

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