One bike stolen every nine hours in city

During the festive season
One bike stolen every nine hours in city

NASHIK: As per the daily crime report, the thieves stole a total of 42 bikes in Nashik city; in November’s first fortnight, i.e., during the festive season. While people were celebrating Diwali with loved ones, thieves celebrated their Diwali by stealing bikes from various corners of the city.

The statistics depict that approximately; one bike was stolen every nine hours in city. The citizens are questioning the city police’s functioning and demanding immediate attention to these thefts. The police launched various campaigns to motivate citizens to wear a helmet and give utmost importance to safety.

However, with the rising bike thefts, the question that arises is whether the police is online concentrating on their campaigns and counselling sessions. As the Covid-19 cases decreased, the markets started functioning and getting back on track. At the same time, these miscreants resumed their work of stealing vehicles.

During the festive season, they took advantage of crowded markets and stole 42 bikes between 1 to 16 November. A total of 42 bike theft cases have been registered in 11 police stations of the city.

The Nashik City police have come up with great initiatives like, ‘ No helmet, No petrol’ and ‘No helmet, No Cooperation.’ The campaigns have even produced fruitful results. However, the rising number of vehicular thefts in the city can’t be overlooked, and police need to take immediate action against the thieves.

Police Station - Cases registered

  • Bhadrakali - 8

  • Mumbai Naka - 6

  • Nashik Road - 5

  • Sarkarwada - 5

  • Indiranagar - 4

  • Panchavati - 4

  • Mharsul - 3

  • Ambad - 2

  • Adgaon - 2

  • Suburbs - 2

  • Gangapur - 1

Total - 42

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