No water cuts in city this season, says Mayor

No water cuts in city this season, says Mayor

Nashik: Gangapur dam, the main water supply to Nashik city, has 47% water storage at present. Similarly, Nashikites will not face water shortage crisis this year as they are also getting water from Gautami and Kashyapi dams, informed by Mayor Satish Kulkarni.

However, he warned that water should be used sparingly. Every year, Nashik residents face water shortage crisis to some extent. However, the Mayor has indicated that there will be no water shortage this year.

The month of May has now come to an end and there is enough water stock in Gangapur dam. While the rains will be normal and begin in time in June as predicted. If the rains are good, the water level in dams will further increase, But until then, the Mayor said, we have to use water carefully without wasting it.

The city has enough stock of water in the dams for the summer. The total water stock is around 47 per cent, which will last for almost another five months. This is the second year in a row when the city will not face water cuts in the summer.

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