No Vaccine, No Entry at Sahitya Sammelan

Children below 18 to be exempted
No Vaccine, No Entry at Sahitya Sammelan

NASHIK: In the wake of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan which will be held under Omicron shadow, District Collector Suraj Mandhare yesterday said that a thumb rule "No Vaccine, No Entry" will be enforced during the literary meet.

He further said that children below 18 years of age will be exempted and they will be entitled to get direct entry in the children's literary meet. Mandhare said that he discused it with the organisers and other respective constituents. A policy "No Vaccine, No Entry will be in place at Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan."

Other guidelines such as use of masks, social distancing will be followed in the convention. "There will no compulsion of vaccine at children's literary meet as no vaccine has been developed yet for children below 18 years of age. Others will have to show evidence, certificate or Identity proof about administering first or second dose of vaccine to seek entry," Mandhre added.

Compulsory screening at Nashik Airport

Earlier, considering the potential threat of the new Omicron coronavirus variant, the district administration has geared up to take preventive steps and accordingly, the passengers arriving at Nashik Airport from the affected countries will be screened more carefully.

“The Nashik municipal administration has been instructed to conduct compulsory screening and testing at Nashik (Ojhar) Airport,” said District Collector Suraj Mandhare.

Previously, the ability of the Delta Plus variant to infect was limited. But the newly surfaced Omicron variant is many times more dangerous. The earlier variants used to take ten to fifteen minutes to mutate. But scientists believe that four to five minutes is enough for an Omicron to appear. As the new variant of Corona found in South Africa is more dangerous and spreading fast, it has been decided to take precaution in Nashik district.

“Omicron is a new virus that is spreading faster. Therefore, citizens will have to be more vigilant this year than the first two waves,” Mandhare said. He further said that as this variant could be the cause of the third wave, the preventive mechanism would be instructed to implement the three-pronged approach of use of masks, social distancing and vaccination.

The expected beds in the district are ready. Oxygen is also available. The health system will be informed about the planning. The number of health workers will also be reviewed and they will be instructed to be alert. Considering the speed of the variant, there will be more emphasis on planning to enable the system so that it does not slow down.

We will not be unaware of the possible third wave. Proper use of the mask, vaccination is the only precautionary measure, the District Collector stated. Citizens should be very careful. All departments have been instructed to remain vigilant and contact tracing of persons from abroad will be done, he added.

Concerns grow

The International Ironman Championship is held annually in April in South Africa. However, due to the outbreak of Corona in April, the competition was held in November. Two players from Nashik had participated in this competition. One of them even won the competition. After that, both of them have returned to Nashik four days ago.

However, Nashik’s concern has increased as the new variant has just been found in South Africa. Meanwhile, swabs of the two players who went for this competition have been taken by the Municipal Corporation for testing and the two players have been institutionally quarantined.

Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has given information about this., Nashik Municipal Corporation has become alert due to the new variant and the administration is keeping a close eye on it. Omicron, which is detected in foreign countries, has raised concerns of Nashikites too.

NMC well prepared

Considering the potential danger of the new Omicron variant found in South Africa, the health department of the Nashik Municipal Corporation has started preparations. Medical Superintendent Bapusaheb Nagargoje informed that considering the intensity of this variant, the corporation has made preparations for the possible third wave. All the facilities required for this have been kept ready.

Therefore, even if there is a threat of ‘Omicron’, all the systems will be ready for it. The Covid-19 room was set up at the municipal hospital during the pandemic. Even today, Zakid Hussain at Kathada and Bytco Hospital at Nashik Road have well equipped Covid rooms.

An estimated 8,500 beds have been prepared for the possible third wave. It has 5500 beds with oxygen. it need be, the system can be set up within eight days, said Nagargoje.

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