No more water logging, traders hope

No more water logging, traders hope

- Farooq Pathan

Nashik: The city's Saraf Bazaar which is a famous jewellery market in the district as well as large number of other shops of cloth merchants and traders at Saraswati lane, Kanade Maruti lane, Savarkar Path and Vande Mataram Chowk attract customers.

However, traders every year lose lakhs of rupees and sustain damage to their properties during the heavy rains which causes flooding in this areas every year. As a solution to this yearly problem, underground drainage and internal works are underway at this place under the NMC's Smart City project.

Nashikites and traders have expressed their desire to complete the work before the arrival of monsoon seeking speedy completion of work. The main bullion market area has always faced flash floods and heavy water accumulation. Traders have expressed hope that water accumulation will no longer be a concern.

In order to carry away the accumulated rainwater, work is underway on rainwater drainage system under the Smart City project in Chandvadkar street, Mahatma Gandhi Road areas. But from the past experiences, the pace of work has been slow. Doubts have also been raised as to whether the work will be completed before the monsoon or not.

After the Saraswati river was diverted in various ways from its natural flowing route, water stagnation has become a regular problem in the area in monsoons.

Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, Mayor Satish Kulkarni, MLA Devyani Pharande along with officials and other people's representatives have suggested immediate measures to stop the water accumulation. After this, considering the increasing pressure of traders in the area, work is currently underway on micro level.

Even though the work is not going as fast as it should be, the traders as well as the citizens have expressed confidence that this complex issue will be solved permanently once the work finished.

Focus on micro planning
Under the Smart City, work has started in the entire area underground sewers as well as on roads. But before doing so, special protection is being given to the drinking water pipeline. Careful and micro planning is in place to prevent excavations in the area in the near future.

We are cloth merchants who stockpile goods worth lakhs of rupees, When rain water collects, it enters the shop and we lose lakhs of rupee. No one takes a wet cloth and it doesn't cost much. Currently there is an atmosphere of satisfaction as work has started in this area. We want the work to be completed as soon as possible.

- Mukesh Artani, trader

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