No more fancy number plates in city

Installation of high security number plate
No more fancy number plates in city

NASHIK: Given the safety of vehicles, the government has started the implementation of installing high-security number plates for two-wheelers and four-wheelers to restrict changes that can be made to the number plate. Earlier, there was a trend of writing Dada, Bhau, Nana, names, and other identifiable characters on number plates, but with this rule, there will no longer be fancy number plates in the city.

High-security number plates ensure the safety of vehicles. If the vehicle is stolen, the thief has to go to the concerned vehicle dealer to generate the number. No changes can be made to this number plate. If you try to remove the number plate, the plate breaks, and if that happens, the police can investigate if the vehicle is stolen. Demand for these fancy numbers has decreased significantly.

Vehicle owners pay an extra charge at the Regional Transport Office to get certain numbers. The number 1 has high demand, and it is divided into two sections, A and B. Different government rates have to be charged as per the municipal boundary. If more than one vehicle owner prefers this number, the number is then auctioned; the highest bidder gets the number.

For number 1, one has to pay about Rs 4 lakh for a four-wheeler and Rs 50,000 for a two-wheeler. The fancy numbers for Dada, Nana, Bhau, can cost an individual minimum of 15,000 to 70,000, and if you want a similar number to vehicles, you have to pay a fee of Rs 1.5 lakh.

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