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No data available on wildlife deaths with east division

Nikheel Pardeshi

72 wildlife deaths in west division in last three years

Nashik: The district of Nashik has become an insecure place for wild animals. The encounters of the man and animal are increasing, as the residential areas are penetrating the green covers of the animal. In the last three years, in west forest division of Nashik district 72 wildlife deaths alone have been registered.

The deaths of wild animals have been registered due to various reasons. The deaths due to drowning in well, roadkill and animal hit by running train are topping the list.  The data shows that the things which are developed for us are causing danger wildlife.

The roadkill so far has taken 20 lives in three years. It includes the endangered species like leopard, hyena, wolf and soft-shell turtle too. The highways are becoming deathtrap to these wild animals. The speedy vehicles are proving themselves as death to an animal. It has been observed that people do not bother about animals after hitting them. No such case has come across in which, one who hit the animal has called the forest department for help.

The officials from the forest department have said, “The awareness programmes have been taken regularly. The forest department is doing its best to save the animals. It is the people who are not accepting their existence. We are the one who has invaded their land.

People have to understand this and should accept their co-existence.”
The forest department has recently launched a new initiative and has formed a Rapid Rescue Team for wildlife rescue. A special two days workshop was conducted and special training was given to around 40 forest personnel.

East division has no data
The east forest division of Nashik has no data available on the wildlife deaths. The Deshdoot Times took to follow up for the data for about a period of one month. The officials in the department said that the concerned person who handles the section is on leave. After that, it was said that the keys of the locker where the files are kept are not available. After that, the person who was given a temporary charge was unable to provide the data.

The need for caution boards on highways
“The road kill has come up as the biggest threat for the wildlife. The incidents are increasing in the district every year. The Forest Department and Public Works Department should work together and mark the wildlife prone zones. They have put the boards on highways and district roads as well, but the size of these boards is too small to take the attention  of person driving.”
                                                                                                             – Abhijit Mahale, Animal Rescuer, Nashik