NMC to procure BS-4 buses, Commissioner seeks inquiry
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NMC to procure BS-4 buses, Commissioner seeks inquiry

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) had recently decided to start city bus service from April 1, 2020. A meeting regarding this was held along with Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) last month. The city bus service which was announced one and half years back has finally got a date but will it really start on the fool’s day?

Though, MNGL has also given nod to provide Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in liquid form through tanker service to the CNG buses. There is no sign of any work regarding the CNG stations in the city yet. On the other hand, NMC has decided to procure the BS-4 version of buses. The central government has already directed to procure BS-6 buses for the purpose of new bus service in 2016 itself. The proposal which was floated in 2018 for Nashik city bus service has no provision made in it to procure the advance version of the buses. The efforts are been made to procure BS-4 buses with other states RTO passing. The Municipal Commissioner has now decided to inquire about, why the clause to procure higher version of the vehicle was not inserted.

The apex body of city had decided to run 400 buses under the city bus service. Earlier, it was decided to run 200 CNG buses and 200 diesel buses. After the suggestion of former Chief Minister, the diesel buses was reduced to 50 and it was decided to procure 150 electric buses. But now NMC has finally decided to run only 300 buses in which 200 will be CNG buses and 50 electric and diesel buses. The decision has taken to cut the loss as the prices of electric buses are high.

NMC has said that with the bus service they will try to provide a commuter-friendly and effective mean of transportation. The bus service will also be environment-friendly and will reduce pollution and traffic congestions as well.

Where is CNG?

Nashik Municipal Corporation is going to run 250 buses on CNG. For that, Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) is going to set up CNG stations at six spots in the city. In the primary phase, MNGL has decided to start stations at Pathardi Phata, Malegaon Stand and Sadhugram. As the Corporation has said that they will start the bus service from April 1, it seems impossible for now, as no CNG station work has not completed yet.

It has given land for the CNG stations with 2.5 per cent ready reckoner rate. On the other hand, the government has directed the Corporation to give their land at 8 per cent of ready reckoner rate to rent out the land. The question remains here whether the Corporation will take 8 per cent rate from MNGL.