NMC to privatize market fee recovery

Tenders next week
NMC to privatize market fee recovery

NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Corporation has decided to privatize the recovery as the expected 70 per cent market fee is not being collected. Accordingly, preparations are underway to issue tenders next week. Process for recovery of market fees has been going on since last year. The municipal corporation is ready to award the contract on a commission basis.

There is a huge leakage in the municipal recovery system. However, even after appointing a contractor, the possibility of leakage cannot be ruled out. Therefore, the corporation has decided to monitor it through the Integrated, Handheld Terminal computer system. NMC had earned Rs 87.42 lakh from market fee collection in 2019 and Rs 61.25 lakh in 2020.

In fact, if we consider only the registered peddlers, hawkers and assume a fee of Rs 20 from one peddler, we get Rs. 1.90 lakh fees in a single day. That means Rs 57 lakh a month and Rs 6.75 crore a year. The administration says that due to non-recovery of targeted 70 per cent collection, a large amount of income has to be lost.

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