NMC to outsource radiology services

NMC to outsource radiology services

NASHIK: Citing unavailability of manpower and the idle state of CT scan and MRI machines, NMC has planned to outsource radiology services in the interest of poor patients who can afford the service at affordable rates.

The municipal corporation has procured expensive and sophisticated CT scan and MRI machines for the poor patients in the city. However, due to lack of radiologists to operate the machines, these expensive devices have been lying idle for the last few months.

In this regard, two days ago, Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal had raised the issue in the review meeting of the municipal corporation that various medical equipment purchased by the Health Department were lying unused. Against this backdrop, the municipal administration has now decided to run the devices through outsourcing.

The CT scan machine as well as the MRI machine are lying in the municipal Bytco hospital. About 40 different types of tests are conducted through this machine. These tests are available in large quantities in private hospitals at expensive rates. But if these machines are operated by the municipal corporation, all types of tests will be made available to the general public at very low rates. It is understood that this decision has been taken by the NMC.

A few days ago, Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar had visited both the old and new Bytco hospitals at Nashik Road to address issues concerning the poor and needy patients.

It was observed that in the old hospital, sonography of women was stopped due to lack of radiologist. The commissioner had instructed the health department to start the service in this regard. The medical and health department immediately spoke to the three incumbents about the matter. However, two of them had refused to work as radiologists at Bytco hospital.

It is understood that no one is eager to join as radiologist at Bytco hospital. Citizens from Nashik Road, Sinnar Phata, Upnagar, Jail Road, Vihitgaon, Deolaligaon and surrounding rural areas come to Bytco Hospital for treatment.

"The option of outsourcing is being selected as there is no other alternative as the medical and health department is not getting success despite their efforts. The contractor will be selected soon and CT scan and MRI machine will be operated by the contractor. However, the contractor will have to pay the rate fixed by the corporation. As a result, we will be able to conduct medical tests at a very low cost in private hospitals." - Dr Bapusaheb Nagargoje, Medical Officer, NMC

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