NMC to install cloth bag vending machines

NMC to install cloth bag vending machines


In order to replace plastic bags with environment-friendly cloth bags the NMC has decided to take initiative to install cloth bag vending machines (ATMs) in the city. Strict implementation of a plastic ban is necessary to prevent river pollution.

However, alternative paper and cloth bags also need to be prepared. Therefore, as it has become viral on social media, Divisional Commissioner Radhakrishna Game has suggested that the municipal corporation should take the initiative to install an ATM for cloth bags in Nashik. This was discussed in the meeting of the high-powered committee for Godavari river pollution prevention which was held in the interim.

Petitioner Nishikant Pagare asked questions to the administration regarding the plastic ban in Nashik city. Although the administration has claimed that the plastic ban is being strictly enforced in Nashik compared to other cities, the municipal corporation said that there is still not enough awareness in this regard among the citizens.

On behalf of the Pollution Board, information was also given about the plastic ban. Accordingly, some companies were urged to hire cloth bags from their social corporate responsibility (CSR) fund.

Accordingly, although two companies have prepared 5000 cloth bags, it is said that while creating awareness among the citizens, it is necessary to get plenty of alternatives from plastic bags to cloth bags. On this, the Divisional Commissioner suggested checking the machine which went viral on social media.

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