NMC to act against those dump construction debris along road

Garbage vans to collect debris
NMC to act against those dump construction debris along road

Nashik: Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has decided to take a strict action against those dumping construction debris like stones, bricks, sand and pieces of iron angles after razing old construction. Those who create debris will now have to pay Rs 800 per tonne of debris for NMC to dump it. In case of violation, a ten-fold fine will be recovered from the concerned, Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has warned.

After razing old construction, debris are dumping along the road. This has resulted in creating unhygiene in the city on large scale. The health of common people is in danger due to this. Taking this into account, NMC has warned to penalise those dumping the construction debris anywhere.

NMC had two months ago had ranked third in state among smart cities under the Swachhata Abhiyan and had stood 13th in country. NMC had fallen short to top the cleanest cities. NMC had received less points due to construction debris that lied everywhere in the city. As rules are not followed despite frequent instructions, piles of debris are seen along the roads.

On the backdrop of this, the Municipal Commissioner has taken a stern stand. Those who found dumping the construction debris along the road will now have to face a penal action. The construction debris will now be collected by NMC garbage vans at Rs 800 per tonne and will bring to NMC’s manure project. Those useful pieces of brick, iron, sand and gravel stone will be segregated and attempt will be made to make use of them, informed the Municipal Commissioner.

The concerned contractor, builder or citizen have to face a penal action, if they found duming construction debris illegally. Nashikites should follow the law and will take efforts to keep Nashik city clean and beautiful, the Municipal Commissioner has urged. Phone numbers have been made available in each division for this. If concerned call over these phone numbers, their construction debris will be collected.

Nashik Municipal Corporation had received low points in cleanest cities competition under the Smart City Mission. As there is no facility available to make process on construction debris and its management, Nashik had ranked lower. Considering this, the Municipal Commissioner has floated an e-tender process for works regarding this. The tenders have been sought to make transport process of construction and demolition waste in NMC limit on management basis. This work contract will be offered for 20 years.

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