NMC steps up precautionary measures

Dilapidated houses
NMC steps up precautionary measures
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NASHIK: Every year, on the backdrop of rainy season, NMC issues notices to dangerous houses. Even after the notice is issued, the people living in dangerous houses continue to live in the area. Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has made special arrangements to prevent such loss of life and property and a mechanism has been put in place for this purpose.

The town’s dilapidated houses, old wadas and buildings have been re-surveyed by the town planning department and classified how many houses are most dangerous, how many houses can be repaired and livable. According to him, out of 1202 dangerous houses found in six sections of the city, 65 houses have been repaired by the concerned owners before the monsoon.

It is possible to relocate families from 350 houses for some time and carry out repair work there. Repairs are possible even if the families of 506 houses are kept there. However, 151 houses and old buildings have been found to be very dangerous and are likely to collapse at any moment. So how many of these homes are people living in. Commissioner Jadhav has ordered immediate submission of information on the number of families living in such high-risk houses.

Compared to the six divisions of the city, Nashik West division has the highest number of 642 dangerous houses. 28 houses have been repaired. It is possible to repair 428 houses. But 57 houses are very dangerous. This is followed by 195 houses in Panchavati, 128 houses in Nashik Road, 117 houses in Nashik East, 70 houses in Satpur and 58 houses in New Nashik division.

Two weeks ago, “Deshdoot” had published detailed information about dangerous houses and wadas in the city along with photos and people living in dangerous houses as well as their plight. Citizens have demanded to take concrete steps to avoid losses every year.

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