NMC standing committee: MNS’ Murtadak elected acting chairperson
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NMC standing committee: MNS’ Murtadak elected acting chairperson

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: Appointment of new eight members and the election of the new chairperson of NMC standing committee have been delayed after a court stay.

With a view not to halt the functioning of the standing committee and development works in nearest future, standing committee chairperson Uddhav Nimse on Friday elected former Mayor Ashok Murtadak as acting chairperson.

When surprise is being expressed over this decision, Nimse informed media persons that he took this decision after talking with senior BJP leaders.

Meanwhile, the administration was slammed for not tabling land acquisition proposals worth Rs 157 crore in the standing committee on Friday.

The term of current chairperson and seven members is coming to an end today (Feb. 29). After the start of the proceedings, chairperson approved additional subjects on the agenda.

Thereafter a subject regarding approval to report of the previous meeting was sanctioned. Approval was then given to list of works in the water department under powers of the Municipal Commissioner, report by the chief auditor and weekly fire report by fire brigade department.

Member Dinkar Patil then raised question over land acquisition proposals and demanded clarification. Chairperson asked assistant director of town planning department Manohar Bhargve to clarify.

Bhargave clarified that the Mayor in General Body Meeting held on February 18 ruled that subject of land acquisition proposals to General Body Meeting first. As per government letter, it was also stated not to touch those 27 land acquisition proposals of Rs 157 crore.

Though the standing committee has powers to acquire land, considering the view of General Body Meeting on February 18, General Body Meeting has powers to decide the priority of these proposals, he made it clear and stated that there is no motive to disrespect anyone as General Body Meeting and standing committee are equal for the administration.

Chairperson Nimse then stated that if any proposal is not fitted under the law it is split. It had needed to be done in this issue, but not to table the proposal is an encroachment upon powers of the standing committee, he added.

If the government do not want the standing committee to use its powers, then change its structure and government should change the law for this, Nimse said.

Over this Bhargve stated to give a realistic report about this to the government. After a stand of administration was clear over the issue of land acquisition proposal, chairperson asked town secretary Raju Kute to read 5 of section 21 in chapter 2 of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act 1949.

After he read the section, hinting use of this section in future, the chairperson said that issue regarding the election process of standing committee members and the chairperson is under judiciary.

Same was happened during the regime of former chairperson Sharad Koshire and development works in the city were stopped for 7 months.

As the term of chairperson is ending on February 29, there is a need to elect acting chairperson till next decision by the court, he opined and announced to elect Ashok Murtadak as acting chairperson.