NMC General Body Meeting: LED docket issue highlights
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NMC General Body Meeting: LED docket issue highlights

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: The General Body Meeting (GBM) of Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Tuesday was highlighted by the LED installation and street poles repair proposal which tabled in the meeting.

The proposal of Rs 10.62 crore came in the house regarding LED light fixtures and repairs. The members demanded that the proposal should not be approved and should be discussed with members first.

After strong opposition from the members of all the parties, the Mayor ordered an inquiry into the proposal and suggested changes. The executive engineer Devendra Vanmali of the electrical department was removed from his position after members alleged him of inaction and corruption charges against him.

After opposition from the members, the town secretary read out the docket of the proposal. The docket said that the proposal is for the replacing of the rusty and defected street light poles in the civic limits. It will also include the brackets, cables and boxes which are damaged.

For that Rs, 10.62 crore are proposed and are divided into all six divisions of the Corporation. The buyback clause was also taken in the proposal for the contractor and accordingly the cost will be deducted from the contract.

The members alleged that the estimate is fraud and the whole contract is for to give money to the contractor. There is no possibility that the poles costing Rs 10 crore are rusted in the city. When asked about the docket to the executive engineer Devendra Vanmali, head of the electrical department, he said that the proposal is made from the letter received from the company TP Luminous to whom the contract is given.

The members asked how can the Corporation offer such contract on company’s requests and without any survey. The members also said that when demanded the copy of the agreement of the LED, the official refused to give it and gave vague answers.

The LED street light project under the Nashik smart city project has divided the streets in four categories A1, A2, B1 and B2. The LED lights provided have very blur light and are only of 30 watts, alleged the members.

After discussions for about 3 hours, the Mayor asked for the inquiry of the official. He also removed official Vanmali from his post till the inquiry is done. The proposal was approved and the members are asked to suggest changes in it.  Floodlights stolen During the discussion in the General Body Meeting, corporator Rahul Dive highlighted that the 36 floodlights from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj sports complex were stolen.

The Corporation spent Rs 40 lakh for electrification of the complex. The corporator alleged, that the officials did not fix the floodlights as there are no marks of any fixtures done and also it is impossible for someone to steal the lights as they are supposed to fix at height of 30 feet.

The additional municipal commissioner also agreed with the incident. The member then demanded the suspension of the officials. Education Committee members selected The proposal of the education committee was approved in the General Body Meeting.

The names of the members of the committee were approved by the house as per the representation of different parties. The committee has five members from Bharatiya Janata Party, three from Shiv Sena and one member of other parties together. The newly elected corporators in by-poll, Madhukar Jadhav and Jagdish Pawar, were also welcomed and felicitated during GBM.