NMC collects tonnes of waste after the flood

NMC collects tonnes of waste after the flood

NASHIK: The water level of the river Godavari increased due to heavy downpours in Nashik as well as in catchment area of Gangapur Dam area. The increasing rains resulted into a flood in Godavari river on September 22 and September 23. The flood situation brought heavy amount of silt, debris and garbage on river bank.

The Nashik Municipal Corporation has cleaned up the silt and collected two tonnes of garbage after that. Around 40 sanitation personnel did this job. The Ramkund premises and Chowk area was full of garbage and silt after the flood. The hyacinths grown on water bed of river also came on the surface.

As per the demand of citizens the head of Solid Waste department Dr Awesh Palod directed sanitary inspector Sanjay Darade and Udayb Visave to clean up the area. The sanitary staff cleaned up the area and collected garbage like plastics, clothes, bottles, hyacinths, debris from the river bank. The silt near the Ramkund premises was cleared with pressure pumps. For that, the help of fire department vehicles and water tankers was taken.

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