New hill fort discovered in Parner tehsil

Trekker Sudarshan Kulthe from Nashik guides the way
New hill fort discovered in Parner tehsil

NASHIK: Parner tehsil in Ahmednagar district has many historical forts and castles on a flat plateau. But now a new fort has been added to it. Trekker-climber Sudarshan Kulthe from Nashik has discovered the unpublished Bhorwadi fort at Mhasoba Zap in Parner taluka.

From Harishchandra Gard, the Sahyadri range goes directly towards the city of Parner. As you move towards Parner, the height of this appendage decreases. The fort at Bhorwadi in the Mhasoba Zap gram panchayat near the Mandohol dam was still untouched. Trekker Kulthe from Nashik, discovered the Bhorwadi fort while roaming and studying the historical places in the area.

The geographical location of this fort is 19.231835, 74.287812 and to reach the base of the fort, east of Bota village on Nashik-Pune highway (from the required road via Kelewadi, Katalvedhe, Shindewadi), Bhorwadi village of Mhasoba Zap is at a distance of 24 km. Mhasoba Zap Bhorwadi - 60 km west of Ahmednagar on Kalyan Highway (Bhalavani - Takli Dhokeshwar - Karjule Hareshwar - Mandohol dam).

From Parner taluka (via KanhurTakli Dhokeshwar - Karjule Hareshwar - Mandohol dam) Mhasoba Zap Bhorwadi is at a distance 38 km. The height of Bhorwadi fort from sea level is 2824 feet (860 m) and the ascent of the fort is easy. There are 12 hamlets in Mhasoba Zap village. The fort can be reached from Kanherwadi and Bhorwadi villages.

The locals call it ‘Chuchula’ because of the pointed shape of the fort. From Bhorwadi village, there is a climbing path through the main fort and the small hill adjacent to it. The ascent from the base to the head is only 110 to 120 meters. On the way to the fort, you can see the path carved out of the rock and many steps carved. The cracks in the ramparts are visible along the climbing line. It shows the structure that should be the entrance. The walls of the ramparts and the steps are lined with small round holes. Roaming can be done on the surface area of the peak.

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