New garbage vans help reduce black spots

New garbage vans help reduce black spots


The city is witnessing a 10 per cent increase in garbage collection since the new garbage vans (Ghantagadi) hit the streets on December 1, 2022. The new garbage vans are helping reduction in the black spots, where waste is seen dumped. Presently, the city has several black spots where people dump their household waste in the open either near the road, squares or open spaces.

Since December 1, the new garbage vans are running on the streets. The number of vehicles in the old Ghantagadi contract was less, but in the new contract, 397 vans, including small and big, are moving around different areas to collect garbage. Due to this, there is an increase of about ten per cent in the daily accumulation of waste. Although the municipal corporation has estimated Rs 356 crores for the Ghantagadi contract, it can be seen that the amount of waste collection has not increased compared to this big deal. On the other hand, the solid waste management department has claimed that it will give the status of the garbage collection after the fortnight.

For several days, the new Ghantagadi contract was a matter of debate in municipal circles due to its big contract size.

Finally, since the new garbage vans were added to the fleet, their numbers have gone up to 397 in the new contract to ensure that garbage collection is done at full capacity even at narrow lanes which were earlier not easily accessible to lift garbage.

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