Negligence in election duty: Show-cause notices to four deputy tehsildars

Negligence in election duty: Show-cause notices to four deputy tehsildars

Nashik: As many as four deputy tehsildars have been served with show-cause notices for negligence towards election work.

The notices have been issued to four deputy tehsildars in four talukas of the district for delaying the registration of names in the process of voter registration and updation of voter lists.

The notices have been issued by the local tehsildars by the orders of the election department. The election branch continued to operate online during the Corona period. Accordingly, the final voter list has been published in September and now the work of the draft voter list is underway.
The tehsildars and deputy tehsildars of the respective talukas were responsible for the proper implementation of this election work. However, one deputy tehsildar each in Sinnar, Malegaon, Chandwad and Kalwan talukas, did not check the electoral names properly. Therefore, all these four deputy tehsildars have now been blamed for negligence in their work.

Accordingly, as per the order of the Election Department, the tehsildars in respective talukas have taken direct action against the negligent officers. The Election Department has said that further action will be taken after giving notices to them at the primary level and hearing their side.

The election department has clarified that the action would be initiated at the level of the local tehsildar. The district administration has geared up to publish draft voter list on November 15 based on the eligibility date of January 2021. While tackling the Corona crisis, the district administration is also working on the online work of the election department which is in full swing.

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