Need to take corrective steps

Need to take corrective steps


Crores are being spent on cleanliness by the Nashik Municipal Corporation. Interestingly, the NMC has its own cleaning staff for the sanitation of the city. There is also a strength of 700 employees through the outsourcing contract at the cost of crores. Despite this, there is a picture of the complete failure of the sanitation department to remove the “black spots of uncleanliness” in the city.

There is a service of Ghantagadi vehicles to pick up garbage from households and public places in the city. Rs 150 crores were spent on the contract of the Ghantagadi. Now the same contract bid may go up to Rs 354 in the next few days.

It is said that 700 employees have been outsourced from private contractors for maintaining cleanliness in the city. But to what extent the deployed workforce is utilised? is the question being raised by the people. Nashikites are questioning about where the money was spent by the NMC on a cleanliness drive.

There is also a debate about whether the monopoly of some officials in the municipality is working in the favour of contractors and to please some people.

Meanwhile, citizens are alleging that the tax money collected from different sources is being wasted due to mismanagement and poor monitoring and implementation of the cleanliness drive. The quality of cleanliness in the city should have been improved.

There are black spots of garbage in the city. the solid waste department is ignoring it. It is alleged that concerned officers and employees are not conducting periodic inspections of the respective places where garbage is also being dumped on the side of the road. It is further alleged that even the divisional officials of the sanitation department are not serious about the black spots.

The citizens have demanded that the senior officials of the municipal corporation should pay attention to this and sort out this issue.

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