Need to refurbish, relocate bus stops

Need to refurbish, relocate bus stops


Bus stop sheds have been erected at various places on the main roads of Panchavati for the city commuters by spending crores of rupees. However due to the construction of sheds at wrong places and the negligence by the concerned departments, it seems that crores of rupees have been wasted by the government.

Shelter sheds have been erected near Amritdham on the road in Panchavati. As the area is adjacent to the highway and there is not much city traffic in this place, this shed has been used only for the relaxation of senior citizens. This shed has been wrongly named as Audumber Nagar stop.

A beautiful bus stop shed was erected in front of the Raj Sweets on Dindori Road but due to the negligence by the concerned department, the exclusive arrangement made to accommodate the passenger class has damaged. So at this place too the commuters have to sit on the protective wall and wait for the bus. Fewer travelers and other people seem to relax at this place.

A bus stop shed has been newly erected near Resheem Bandh banquet hall on the road from Amritdham to Tarwalanagar but due to lack of cleanliness, no one bothers to stand at this place. Wild grass has grown on all sides. So it is not possible for the passenger to wait for a bus here.

Two sheds were erected adjacent to the RTO Corner wall at Sharad Pawar Market on Peth Road. Both the sheds have been in poor condition due to lack of regular maintenance. There is no place to sit in a shelter shed. Therefore, the travellers have to stand continuously. It has been in such a bad state that there is no comfort.

If the transport system in the city restored, waiting area for the passengers is improved and traveling routes are repaired, the money of the government will not be wasted and the commuters will be able to take full advantage of the sheds. It is necessary to conduct a survey before erecting a shed.

Hundreds of bus stop sheds have been wasted due to wrong survey i.e. the money spent on this sheds has been wasted, many new sheds have been erected without prior survey. Passenger classes are not usually seen waiting for buses at that place which means that the shed is also erected at the wrong place. Such a reaction has been recorded after discussing with the citizens. While constructing the shed, the commuters have also sought suggestions from citizens.

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