Need to promote renewable energy sources

Awareness Week
Need to promote renewable energy sources

NASHIK: While giving priority to non-conventional sources of energy, only advertisements are being made, and in fact, consumers are not getting any cooperation. In such a dire situation, 80% of the consumers even if they wish, can not afford renewable energy sources. Non-conventional Energy Awareness Week is being observed throughout the week from today, December 14 to 21.

On one hand, at the government level, citizens are told that they should give priority to renewable energy. However, on the other hand, when customers go for solar equipment or solar water heaters, they do not get loan assistance from the bank. At present, the benefit is that the Municipal Corporation has given a five percent rebate on house cess to those who opt for renewable energy.

For this purpose, solar water heaters have to be installed to heat water using solar energy. Energy is generated from the sun’s rays and this energy acts as fuel. This energy also avoids pollution and helps protect the environment. The state government, with the help of NABARD, announced a 30 per cent subsidy on the purchase of these devices in 2010 to enable more citizens to install solar heaters.

But now it is time for these consumers to be deprived of subsidies. However, without relying on grants, conscious consumers, some companies, schools, colleges, and hotels set up solar projects on their own. However, their proportion is only 20 per cent. If an aspirant goes to a bank for a loan case, it is not easy to get it sanctioned. So the common man ignores it. The sellers sometimes spread the word at their own expense. They also do not get any concession and incentive from the government level. They do not get business loans quickly.

On the one hand, gas prices are rising. Even though the price of electricity is unaffordable, it has to be used. In such a situation, attempts need to be accelerated to boost the use of unconventional energy sources. The original purpose of the scheme is not being achieved as the subsidy on solar water heaters has been exhausted by the government.

If we look at the price of solar heaters and the 30 per cent subsidy on them, it is clear that if the heaters are 100 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters, then their basic price is Rs.19,037, Rs. 32,991, and Rs. 68,500 respectively. Grants go up to Rs. 4246, Rs. 8492 and Rs. 19,814 respectively and hence the subsidized price is charged up to Rs. 14,794, Rs. 24,499 and Rs. 48,686.

If the government gives incentives to traders, even 80 per cent of the deprived consumers will be able to avail the benefits. Celebrating the week alone will not achieve the goal. It requires action and proper implementation.

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