Need speed breakers in Govindnagar area: Chumbhale

Need speed breakers in Govindnagar area: Chumbhale

NASHIK: The road leading to the Govindnagar underpass from the City Center Mall witnesses heavy traffic and minor accidents regularly. Therefore, this road is in a dire need of speed breakers and a traffic signal near RD circle, asserted social worker Kailas Chumbhale while submitting a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner of Police Pournima Chaugule Shringi and Nashik Municipal Corporation’s executive engineer Sunil Raundal. Under the guidance of Chumbhale, residents put forth their demands.

In the memorandum, the citizens stated this road from the Govindnagar underpass to City Center Mall in the Govindnagar area of ward number 24 in New Nashik witnesses heavy traffic regularly. They alleged that every day, there’s an accident on this road, and this 100-feet road is in a dire need of traffic signal and speed breakers. Hospitals, coaching classes, and various shops are present on this road. Therefore, women and children cross this road with their lives at risk.

Therefore, Kailas Chumbhale, Nanasaheb Jagtap, Saadhan Godse, Maruti Phad, Ashok Gulve and others demanded a traffic signal and speed breakers on this road to prevent accidents and safeguard citizens’ health.

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