Need smart solutions for pollution-free Godavari

Need smart solutions for pollution-free Godavari


Godavari River and Smart City have developed a unique relationship. It can be seen that the funds received through the Central government are being used unplanned instead of river beautification. The working method of the Smart City and the local-level restrictions on it does not match anywhere. There seems to be a lack of proper coordination between them.

Godavari is called Dakshin Ganga or Southern Ganga, the faith and belief of Nashik. Originating from Nashik and feeding various states, the river Godavari is facing many problems near its source.

The Godavari, which has flowed with sacred sources since time immemorial, is adorned with 17 natural Kundas in Nashik.

Each Kund has its own unique significance. The natural source flowing into the river has a different significance. Each place of the river has got a different significance from the scientific point of view along with the religious significance. However, ignoring all these things, while beautifying the South Ganga, the Smart City has literally tried to strangle the river by pouring concrete on the natural source.

The work of removing the concrete started when the voice was raised and protested by the conscious citizens.

After removing the concrete from the three Kundas, they also got to experience the source of the natural springs at that places.

The work of breaking down the ancient stone steps was also undertaken by replacing them with concrete steps. In another instance, instead of the basalt stone prescribed for the lampstand, the lampstands have been erected with layers of concrete.

Nashikites are faced with the question of whether the Godavari is being beautified due to one or more of these things or whether the formality of a task is being completed merely by utilising the funds provided by the government. It is not the right way of working that citizens should fight with the Smart City authorities for everything and then the real development work should start.

Before starting the work, it is necessary to take the opinion of the local level experts and hold coordination meetings and spend only after proper study of what to do and what not to do in this development plan. In fact, it is expected to work in this coordinated manner, otherwise, conflict between the local citizens and the smart city is inevitable.

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