Need for double sowing troubling farmers

Need for double sowing troubling farmers

NIPHAD: As the rains lashed several parts of the district on the first day of Ardra Nakshatra, farmers were delighted and planted various Kharif season crops like maize, soybean, tur, moong, and others. Even the Godakath area was readied for sugarcane cultivation. However, the rains stopped abruptly for a while, and now, the need for double sowing has arrived. The Department of Agriculture has announced July 15 as the last day to wrap up the sowing season. Farmers are now in dilemma due to the irregular pattern of rains. Even though the Indian Meteorological Department, Mumbai, has predicted heavy rains for Nashik district at isolated places, the irregular rainfall pattern has affected the sowing season severely.

Already the monsoon arrived a month late this year. Due to heavy rains in the beginning, farmers purchased fertilizers and seeds and initiated the sowing process. However, the gap resulted in the wastage of expensive seeds. Due to the lack of soil moisture, the seeds didn’t germinate. Now, the farmers need to purchase new seeds and sow them again, thus hampering their budgets and production time.

While some are thinking of double sowing as an option, others have stopped sowing completely. Even though July has begun, the water level in rivers, nallas, and wells hasn’t risen. Due to prolonged Kharif sowing this year, the Rabi season is also likely to be extended. After the first rain, farmers crowded the market, but now, the markets are once again empty.

The market is full of soybean and maize seeds, but farmers aren’t keen on buying the seeds anymore. Earlier, the farmers borrowed fertilizers and seeds for cultivation. Now, farmers are confused about how to ask for new seeds and fertilizers. Even onions are not helping farmers as the production cost is extremely high.

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