Need decisive action to save Qazi Gadhi

Need decisive action to save Qazi Gadhi

Nashik: It is seen that the municipal administration is not serious about the decades old Qazi Gadhi on the banks of the Godavari. This issue has become serious over the past several years. Municipal Administrator and Commissioner Ramesh Pawar took a strict stand this year and ordered to vacate dangerous houses and wadas with the help of police after giving two notices to the owners, but it appears that these orders are only on paper.

Two days ago, due to the collapse of some parts of the Qazi Gadhi, local residents along with the administration had to make big efforts for the safety of the dwellers. It is being demanded that the administration should resolve this issue before a major mishap occurs.

Qazi Gadhi in the old Nashik area in the western division of the municipal corporation has become more dangerous to live. A part of the soil on the river side of this Gadhi was slid on Saturday (July 16) around 8:30 pm.

In the meantime, citizens called the fire brigade. Fortunately, there was no loss of life in any way, but the administration said that the soil had slid very little.

However, as a precautionary measure, the municipal corporation has temporarily closed the road by placing iron nets on the road along the banks of the river, informed Madan Harishchandra, the officer of the western division.

Moving to a safe place

On behalf of the municipal administration, two notices have been issued to 1117 different types of dangerous properties in the city in the months of May and June. Even after this, if such dangerous structures are not vacated, those dangerous houses or wadas will be vacated with the help of the police. In this regard, six dangerous houses have recently been vacated by the municipal corporation, but the problem of Qazi Gadhi has become serious.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, the municipal officials again warned the citizens to shift to a safe place. Meanwhile, no family has moved their belongings from the Gadhi till now. Because of this, the risk has the wake of incessant rainfall.

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