Need a solid recruitment plan

Nashik Municipal Corporation
Need a solid recruitment plan

NASHIK: There has been no recruitment process in Nashik Municipal Corporation for the last 24 years. On the other hand, the number of people retiring from NMC is increasing day by day. As a solution to this, then municipal commissioner Ramesh Pawar decided to recruit employees for the municipal corporation. The government had also sanctioned some posts. However, after this, there was a change of power in the state and Dr Chandrakant Pulkundwar has come as Commissioner and Administrator of Nashik Municipal Corporation. There is a discussion about whether he will try for hiring people.

The then mayor Satish Kulkarni approved the proposal by holding a special general body meeting (GBM) and sending it to the government for approval for the recruitment of employees in the Nashik Municipal Corporation.

Along with the ruling party, the Opposition also passed a resolution for recruitment in the municipal corporation by demanding that efforts be made to implement the recruitment process expeditiously.

At this time, it was said by the administration that the recruitment process was not approved by the government as the establishment cost of the municipal corporation was more than 35 per cent.

Due to the commencement of Administrative rule in the municipal corporation from the month of March, many expenses such as the office of the members of the municipal corporation, and the cost of staff vehicles at that place have been curtailed. The move has brought down the establishment cost of the municipal corporation below 35%.

Considering the same development on cost cutting, the then commissioner Ramesh Pawar started a follow-up with the government and said that the follow-up was successful which paved the way for the recruitment process of the municipal corporation. He also clarified that this recruitment drive will be implemented through reputed companies. Therefore, it was claimed that the way for recruitment in the municipal corporation was finally cleared.

After this, due to the transfer of power in the state, commissioner Pawar was transferred, along with this transfer, it is seen that this issue has also been sidelined.

Meanwhile, it is being claimed on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party that the Shinde-Fadnavis government in the state will pay serious attention to this issue and sort it out.

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