Necessary action must be taken to ensure food supply : Consumer Protection Minister

Necessary action must be taken to ensure food supply : Consumer Protection Minister


all District Collector and District Food Supply officers across the state have been empowered to take a necessary decision on the food supply and emergency goods across the state stated Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Minister Chaggan Bhujbal here on Tuesday.

In the press release, Mr Bhujbal stated that, in the lock-down period, to ensure the smooth supply of food grain across the state, the government have empowered the all-district collectors and food supply officers to take a decision. It is further stated that the District Collector and food supply officer by using the authority power should ensure that all beneficiaries should get rations goods.

Also, the system should make the necessary note and should be alert to avoid black marketing at ration shops. As per the announcement of Central government, the work of the distribution of free rice is in progress in some districts of the state. In the meantime, the free rice distribution will be started all over the state stated Mr Bhujbal.

Mr Bhujbal further said, there is constant communication with the state Home Minister and its officials for ensuring the smooth transportation of supply system across the state. He also advice the Supply, Revenue and Police Department to work in coordination with each other. The officials should keep vigilance to ensure that there should be adequate food available all across the state and for smooth distribution of goods to the citizens.

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