National Dog Day: Adopting stray dogs

National Dog Day: Adopting stray dogs

NASHIK: National Dogs Day is observed every year on 26th August to raise awareness about the adoption and ownership of all breeds. Whether mixed or pure breed, every dog deserves a chance of a happy, safe, and abuse-free life. Dogs keep us healthy both physically and mentally and act as a companion throughout the life. Feed the dogs once, and they will remember you all their lives.

However, some people in life prefer to adopt dogs of a particular breed and not stray dogs. Even though this is a matter of personal choice, stray dogs are fast learners and can give you the same amount of love as any other breed. Many people out there are promoting the adoption of stray dogs, considering the growing population and fewer shelters. Researchers have proven that dog owners have better cardiovascular and mental health compared to others.

They are happier in life and calmer in stressful situations. A dog can do wonders and better the lives of humans in many ways. Even if you don’t wish to adopt a dog, feeding the stray dogs will help them sleep better and help you contribute towards raising them.

The best part about these beauties is they eat all the edible items. They don’t have special demands in terms of food. The least as humans we can do is raise our voice against the ones harming these innocent creatures for revenge or just for entertainment purposes.

“I have always sworn by the slogan “Go with the strays” as they make our lives better in a thousand ways. I used to suffer from an immense amount of anxiety. However, after Situ (my stray) entered my life, my journey became much better. I experienced a relaxed state of mind after a pretty long time. Bringing a dog in your life does wonders. Also, strays need shelter and care. The least we can do is shelter them. I have fought many times with people who hit or harm these innocent creatures. I will always protect the strays.” - Manish Singh, Volunteer at Sharan

“Becoming a dog parent can be a huge challenge, and your whole world will be completely different. But opening your life to a pup in need of a forever home is also one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. It will shape the way you live, the way you see the world, and the way you interact with other people. Having Helicopter has pulled me out of the tunnel vision I was living in, and I didn’t even realize it. Now, my days start with Helicopter. When I used to feel like I had no purpose and would get really down on myself, my dog made me feel better. It’s crazy to think a dog could do that for me, but he really does. He’s my responsibility and my purpose.” - Rakshita Kulkarni, Animal lover and Rescuer

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