National Doctor’s Day

Saluting the frontline workers
National Doctor’s Day

National Doctor’s Day is celebrated every year on 1st July to commemorate the real heroes of our society. In the current scenario, we’ve clearly understood the importance of doctors and the hard work they put in while saving a person’s life. From doctors to ward boys, every one overworked, especially during the second wave of the pandemic. They are the life-saving community in our society, and their dedication deserves appreciation.

This day provides us an opportunity to thank them for their contributions to saving lives. The day was first celebrated in 1991 to honour the former CM of Bengal, Dr. BC Roy, to praise his selfless attitude and willingness to serve humanity. He made an enormous contribution in the medical field during his medical career and was honoured with Bharat Ratna on 4th February 1961.

He’s also referred to as the first successful medical consultant in the Indian Subcontinent; by the British Medical Journals. To pay tributes to him, his birth date 1st July was selected as National Doctor’s Day. Amid the ongoing pandemic, India lost many healthcare professionals, especially during the second wave. We lost more than 700 doctors in the fight against the pandemic.

Even then, others decided to fight nonstop and win against Covid-19. However, some people manhandled doctors as the latter couldn’t save their loved ones. Some doctors were beaten mercilessly, while others witnessed the usage of foul language. We need to understand that the doctors are struggling with their personal health and still helping everyone.

We need to respect them and salute them for their 24/7 availability. They might not be able to save all lives, but they give their 100% to save a life. They don’t deserve the backlash. Instead, they deserve our blessings and good wishes while they’re trying hard to make ends meet.

“All doctors try their best to save lives. Everyone wants to save lives, but sometimes, the situation isn’t in the doctor’s hands. Some incidences have happened across the nation that shouldn’t have happened. This will lower the morale of doctors and the whole healthcare system. Such behaviour will definitely affect our community. Speaking of Covid-19, please get vaccinated and follow all the guidelines. If everyone follows the guidelines seriously, only then will we be able to win the fight. Show Covid appropriate behaviour and don’t step out unnecessarily. We all want to save lives and need your support for the same.” - Dr. Jayashree Natesh

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