Nashik's mare 'Queen' steals the show

Ashva Prithvi Kishan International Horse Show 2021
Nashik's mare 'Queen' steals the show

NASHIK: A queen horse of RTB Stud Farm from Nashik Road has bagged the first prize in the Adant Bazheri group of Ashva Prithvi Kishan International Horse Show 2021 held at Pushkar, Rajasthan.

What is special is that, even though the original breed of queen horse is Marwar, and despite intense competition, this horse from Nashik performed well and achieved this feat. The directors of this farm Rahul Borade and Chetan Gaikwad were honoured with prizes.

As many as 5000 horses from Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Hyderabad participated in the competition which was held at Pushkar International Horse and Cattle Fair.

The competition was held in six groups. In the Adant Bazheri group, the queen horse of the Marwar breed of RTB Stud Farm clinched the first position. Meanwhile, at the recent Shriram Horse Show at Akluj (Solapur), the queen horse had also bagged first place in the Adant Bazheri group. She was also honoured as the best horse in all the groups.

Organizer Dhawal Singh Mohite Patil presented the award. With very few camel herders taking part, this year’s Pushkar cattle fair witnessed an increase in the trade of horses, buffaloes, and cows. Also, the fair had gradually turned into a market due to a venue change.

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