Nashik’s Aryan wins gold medal

Mental Calculation World Championship
Nashik’s Aryan wins gold medal

NASHIK: Aryan Nitin Shukla from Nashik has left his mark on the world stage by solving difficult problems including multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. Aryan has won a gold medal at the Mental Sports Olympiad (London, UK). He was mentored by Indian head coach Eusebius Noronha and coach Nitin Jagtap.

At the age of eleven, he became the youngest world champion in the tournament’s 25-year history. More than 120 participants had registered for this world class competition. In the qualifying round, Aryan scored 418 out of 436 points and advanced to the semi-finals.

The 32 contestants who qualified for the semi-finals were divided into three groups. Out of these contestants, only four contestants got a chance to participate in the finals. In this, Aryan also placed first in his group and claimed the title by beating hard in the final.

"Every Indian, including me, should be proud of Aryan’s international achievements in intellectual mathematics since the age of six. In a very neat manner, while winning a gold medal in the World Championship, India’s name has shinned on the world stage along with Nashik. He did not allow his schooling to get affected in this." - Nitin Shukla, Aryan's father

"Recognizing the potential in Aryan from an early age, we started training him. He has done a great job at a very young age, and our founder Eusebius Norona is proud to be with me as a coach. Our organization will continue to work with the mindset of creating more world champions like this." - Nitin Jagtap, Aryan’s coach, Genius Kid

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