Nashikkites and their love for Tea...

International Tea Day
Nashikkites and their love for Tea...

NASHIK: Drinking tea has always been popular. There are more than fifty types of tea available on the streets of Nashik today, and ‘Nashikites’ cannot seem to have enough of it. Some cups of tea cost up to 60 ru­pees, but that doesn’t seem to deter the tea connoisseur in this city. Indian Masala Tea is one of the fa­vourites of all. Be it a rain-drenched day in the monsoons, a sweltering summer day, or on a chilly winter morning, there is always a reason for a ‘cuppa cha’.

But these days the trend has been changing. Nowadays everyone focuses on their fitness, so many citizens prefer to consume ‘Green Tea’ or ‘Black Tea’. Most of Chai Stall or Chai Cafe also catch this taste. In Summer, citizens prefer to consume ice tea. In Rainy Season, most citizens prefer to drink Masala Tea, and in Winter, they prefer Green Tea or Black Tea.

There are many benefits of consuming Green Tea or Black Tea. People also try different tastes like ‘Tandoori Cha’, ‘Gulacha (Jaggery) Cha’ & ‘Haldicha (Tumeric) Cha’. If you love tea but cannot consume too much of it, there is a ‘cut cha’ available. Tea is an emotion to laborers, office-going people. Everyone needs one reason to take a break and drink Tea. ‘Tea’ connects people, after one sip of tea everyone forgets their tension.

Everyone loves tea, but Tea is life for those who just don’t need the reason to consume tea. There is a lot of variety of tea shops in Nashik. They range from the traditional roadside pushcart to the swanky café style tea houses with innova­tive names like “Chai Tapri”, “Chai Wala Café”, “Chai Katta” etc. Whichever your favorite tea haunt and whatever your favorite brew, tea is definitely, back with a bang.

Salimbhai Tea: For the last three decades, Salim Tea Center has been the first choice of tea connoisseurs in the College Road area of Nashik. Tea is made with a concoction of spices including predominantly cardamom. This is a unique brew rarely found these days.

Haji: Haji tea is famous for its Irani Tea. Haji’s Irani tea has become the favorite of many. The tea and water decoction and milk are boiled separately and mixed together to create a sweet and creamy chai.

Gulacha Cha: On the Mumbai-Agra highway, Gulacha (jaggery) tea, which is considered ayurvedic, has captured a good market. Many people seem to prefer jaggery tea, saying that they should have a different tea after leaving home. This tea, which is considered to be good for the body, is now well-liked.

Halad Cha: A special Halad (Tumeric) cha is available at a hotel located on Gangapur Road. Many Nashikkites take this tea after eating Misal and has become a tradition. ‘Halad (Tumeric) cha’ has lots of benefits, Nashikkites also love to consume this ‘Halad (Tumeric) cha’.

Green tea was first introduced by Japanese. In Japan, boiled foods and green leafy vegetables are widely used in diet. There is a difference between Indian green tea and making green tea in Japanese flavour. The taste of green tea in Japan is not bitter. So they can drink it easily. But looking at the lifestyle in India, green tea here is bitter. It can causes acidity.

Rashmi Somani, Clinical Nutritionist, Nutricure clinic, Nasik

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