Nashikites requested to participate in India Cycles for Change

Nashikites requested to participate in India Cycles for Change


The India Cycles for Change Challenge is being implemented jointly by the Smart City Mission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and the Central Government. Cities with a population of five lakh or more will be able to participate in this initiative.

Nashik city is also participating in this initiative through Nashik Smart City. The registration process has been completed in the first instance, informed the Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (NMSCDCL).

The officials from NMSCDCL, informed that the Covid-19 crisis has forced cities to turn to other alternative means of transportation. According to a survey by the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), bicycle use increased by 50 to 65 per cent during the lockdown.

Accordingly, cycling is planned to be implemented in cities across the country. Citizens' support is also needed to bring the bicycle movement to the grassroots.

The officials have requested NGOs and citizens to participate in this initiative and bring Nashik city to the forefront of this challenge. The Nashik Smart City is making such an appeal. The citizens should be a part of India Cycles for Change Challenge and give Nashik city the identity of Cycle city.

- Rs 1 crore for Cycling infrastructure

The cities to be selected in the second phase will get Rs 1 crore under the India Cycles for Change Challenge for building cycling infrastructure and raising awareness in the city. Meanwhile, in the second phase, The Indian Cycles for Change Festival will start in October, 2020 and will last till March, 2021.

- Get involved

To get involved, Nashikites can go to and click on Get to Involved and register your response and participate in the challenge.

- Infrastructure to be developed

- With lowest cost a temporary cycle track should be erected. Through it stands a network of cycle tracks.

- Free route for bicycle, which will no entry for vehicles. Use of only bicycles permitted.

- Creating a pilot cycle track.

- Implementing community led bicycle awareness and bicycle rental schemes. To enlist the help of NGOs for this.

- Reaching out to citizens using various events and various mediums and motivating them for cycling. Thus converting this temporary change into a permanent one through Smart City.

- Cycling a great alternative

Cycling is a great alternative to private transport. Also, cycling is a safe option for going to offices, schools and other places, as well as for children and the elderly. Anyone, rich or poor, can easily buy a bicycle. Efforts are being made to maintain and increase the sudden increase in cycling during the lockdown. Bicycles are also used as eco-friendly, health promoting. Using a bicycle will help save a lot of fuel.

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