Nashikites observe solar eclipse

Nashikites observe solar eclipse

Annular Eclipse captivates scientific minds

Nashik : Many were come prepared to witness the historic astronomical phenomenon, the only annular solar eclipse of this year. As the sun rose, numerous Nashikites went to their rooftops, terrace building, open grounds and enjoyed the partial solar eclipse.

At this time, it was appealed on social, media, news channels, newspapers to watch the solar eclipse using only scientific techniques. On the other hand, it believed that pregnant women should not see the eclipse, nor should they eat or drink during the eclipse.

However, activists of the Superstition Eradication Committee or Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (ANIS) invited everyone to watch the solar eclipse. The organization also distributed solar glasses to Nashikites to watch the solar eclipse.

The largest annular solar eclipse of the decade, about three and a half hours, took place on Thursday. The eclipse was seen all over the country. Experts have said that during the eclipse, the shadow of the moon will cover the earth’s diameter of 323 km and will travel about 20 thousand km. A partial solar eclipse was observed in Nashik.

Despite the cloudy weather, the sun appeared in astronomy. On one side, while performing rituals in the river, fearing a devious eclipse, on the other hand, it appeared that the Maharashtra Superstition Eradication Committee had come to a reality to a light.

The ANIS also showed solar eclipse to devotees who visited the Goda Ghat and distributing solar glasses among them. There was a huge crowd of devotees in Ramkund area. The superstitions in the minds of the devotees were removed by the workers of the ANIS, through lectures.

The workers of ANIS consumed food and water and also chopped vegetables. The enlightenment of devotees was made with practical demonstrations on this occasion. At this time, the state general secretary of Maharashtra ANIS Dr Thaksen Goren, state office-bearers Prof Sudesh Ghoderao, Krishna Chandgude, Rajendra Phegade, district president Sushil Kumar Indave, district principal secretary adv Samir Shinde, Mahendra Datrange, Prahlad Mistry, Nitin Bagul, Pramila Chavan and others created awareness among people.

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