Nashikites may face water cut

40.62% water stock in Gangapur dam complex
Nashikites may face water cut
Water cut in the cityNashikites may face water cut


Nashik city is still waiting for a good rainfall. Though a period of two months had been passed, there is no satisfactory rains. Currently, Gangapur dam which is supplying water to Nashik city has 40.62% water stock.

As a result, Nashikites may face water cut, if there is no satisfactory rainfall in the next 15 days. NMC administration is making plans in that direction.

Igatpuri, Nashik and Dindori tehsils which are known as areas of dams had not received expected rainfall this time in June and July. As a result, there is less water stock in district dams.

Gangapur dam complex had 76.47% water stock on July 30, 2019, while currently it has only 40.62% water stock. On the other, Mukne dam had 46.93% water stock in the same period last year and at present it has only 28% water stock. Darna dam had 87% water stock last year.

Currently, it has 68% water stock. A total of 12.41 MCFt water is being supplied daily from Gangapur dam to city.

Taking note of the water stock which has been left, Nashikites may face water cut in case there is no satisfactory rainfall in the next 15 days.

Current water stock in dams

Dam July 30, 2019 July 30, 2020

Gangapur complex 76.47% 40.62%

Darna 87.16% 68.85%

Mukne 46.93% 28.37%

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